Does skrill charge extra for withdrawals into India?

I had been reading a lot about skrill account holders not receiving the entire money that they had withdrawn from their skrill accounts. Since I myself had never experienced anything like it, I was of the opinion that the account holders might have done something wrong! But then, it happened to me!

One fine day I went ahead and withdrew USD 299.07 from my skrill account. This was the amount after the fees had been cut so I was supposed to receive this exact amount in my SBI account. Now, whenever I withdraw from skrill, the entire amount is sent through a SWIFT transaction (not sure if that's the official term) or more precisely, a wire transfer, from skrill to my bank. So, when the amount is deposited in my account, I see the accompanying remark in my account statement as - Forex Txn / USD XXX.XX @ YY.YY where XXX.XX represents the amount withdrawn (299.07 in this case) and YY.YY represents the prevalent exchange rate.

Here's a snapshot of my withdrawal record in skrill.

Skrill's extra charges for withdrawals into India

Now, naturally, I was expecting the remark in my bank account statement to read something like this - Forex Txn / USD 299.07 @ YY.YY. Imagine my surprise when I found this -

Forex Txn / USD 267.57 @ 61.57

Now that was a whopping USD 31.5 less - INR 1939.45 at the rate at that time! Come on!

Now I created a ticket with the skrill help desk and complained about this 'extra charge'. They replied back that they hadn't deducted any money from their side and that this must have been a deduction from my bank's side.

So off I went to my bank and told them of the situation. Thankfully the bank officer was detailed in her explanation and that helped me understand the situation.

She explained that the bank hadn't received any direct SWIFT wire transfer for my account. She showed me a bunch of papers which she said were the prints of the SWIFT transactions that the bank had received in the last few days and my account was not involved in a SWIFT transaction. So, the money that I received was sent from an intermediary bank who had received the original SWIFT transaction and it was this intermediary bank who had charged the USD 31.5 as fees for the transaction.

Let me explain it in an easy to understand way -


1. Skrill sends wire to my SBI account
2. SBI receives a SWIFT transaction
3. Complete amount received in my account


1. Skrill sends wire to some XYZ bank
2. XYZ bank receives SWIFT transaction
3. XYZ bank deducts USD 31.5 as fees of their own
4. XYZ bank sends an NEFT to my SBI bank account
5. Deducted amount received in my account

I understood the process and shot off another ticket to the skrill helpdesk, telling them of skrill's extra charges and demanding that they directly send the money to my bank and not some intermediary bank. This is what they responded with -

Well, now there's nothing much I could do about it. So, for the time being, I have shifted to paypal. According to my calculations, at the current rate, skrill will be cheaper than paypal only if the amount withdrawn is more than USD 900. but then again, since the fees charged by the intermediary bank is not specified anywhere, it could end up being higher for such a large amount.

So, for now, since skrill is proving to be more expensive, it's paypal for me! Skrill's extra charges are the reason why I've made this shift; otherwise skrill had been the less expensive option till now.